2020 In Review

2nd January 2020

The year 2020 will not be forgotten in a hurry and has certainly changed many peoples lives forever, unfortunately not in a good way. I have decided to do a positive round up of my year in the studio and how world events took over my plans...

​ As 2020 started I was designing pieces for my next collection and deciding which fashion show I would take part in, but that never happened.

As the world pandemic began to dominate the news, fashion shows and other global events were cancelled due to the virus and fashion shows were moving to showing online only with no celebrity audiences attending. This was to become a theme of the year, shows and other events without audiences even on tv... it seemed like nothing would ever be the same again.

In the end I decided to hold back on my designs until I could grasp the implications of the pandemic, after all my designs were still there but people weren't going anywhere or allowed to socialise in the normal way and so I held off creating anything until I could see a way forward.

​My designs are all created for those special occasions when people are dressing up in their best and so this was an odd time to be thinking of partying, loungewear was the latest fashion and sales of pyjamas outselling everything else in clothing.