Celebrating 5 Years!

4th August 2019

​Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my latest blog although it has been a while since my last one...
Today, 5th August 2019 is a special day for me and my business as I have been going for 5 years now! 


My Favourites

​I just wanted to share with you a few of my favourite images of some of my previous designs with you from the last five years rather than writing too much! Although I do just want to explain some of the reasons I started my business in the first place and where I want to take it in the future. 

First photoshoot with @janemucklowphoto in 2015 capturing the red hooded satin Jacqueline dress one from the Caroline Bruce label

Andra dress and Cape photographed by @janemucklowphoto 2017

​I have always been a creative person and found out at a young age that I liked to create things using my hands and felt a sense of achievement from doing so, whether I was sewing, crocheting, knitting, sketching and so on.

Black & white image of the Amber dress photographed by @janemucklowphoto 2015

​​ I found that I could create something that didn't exist before from items around me. If I had some fabric I could make it into something wearable or useful or if I drew a sketch of a dress design I would always think technically about how to translate my ideas into a finished product.

Florence print crepe de chine and leather trim drape dress @janemucklowphoto 2015

I had a curiosity for how things came into being and developed a real passion for art, fashion, textiles and music! Cutting to the chase, I studied clothing and textiles at college and had a career in the fashion industry.

One of the eclectic styles created for the Caroline Bruce label that was shown in central London in 2016

​As years have gone by, my passion has never waivered and my childhood dream of having my own business and my own fashion label has stayed firmly with me. I feel that I have been gifted with certain talents in life that I have yet to fully utilise, something unique to offer and I have much room to grow, not only in my business but as a business woman.

This two piece suit was created for the Caroline Bruce Label in 2015

As you may or may not be aware, I have two sides to my business. I am a bespoke dressmaking business but also I am now a trademarked British clothing label, Caroline Bruce, which actually makes me very proud to say.

Gorilla &Gowns Charity Fashion Show 2017 organised by Evexio Ltd Events and hosted by Port Lympne Hotel

​I have been working behind the scenes this year on a new ethical  occasion wear collection to be shown at House of iKons 5th anniversary show in London on September 14th and this side of the business is something which I would like to make successful in the coming years.

Emerald green dress with leather trim by Caroline Bruce shown @GGCharityFS 2017

I wanted to create a unique fashion experience with carefully designed  styles which will be exclusive to my brand as well as more classic styles with a unique edge. As I have been developing my brand over the last few years, my dream has evolved into creating luxury products with an ethical narrative.   

Mae frill dress from photoshoot with @janemucklowphoto 2017 

My aim is to used ethical or low impact fabrics wherever possible and reduce the use of fibres which are harmful to our planet. As awareness grows about the affects of fast fashion on our environment, I want to make a difference wherever I can.

Amber backless dress with leather trim for Caroline Bruce photo @janemucklow 2017

​Making bespoke garments for my clients and providing a sampling service for other start ups, small business and students in the textile trade has been the service side of my business among other things. I have acquired the  various skills necessary to fulfil all those various clients needs over many years of experience. 

The Jacqueline hooded dress captured by @janemucklowphoto in 2017 @GGCharityFS

​I am very keen to pass on my knowledge to the future generation as I feel this important skills set will be lost in the UK textile trade if we do not educate our fashion and textiles students fully.

Thank You

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me in the last five years and here's to the next five!

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